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In January, 2019 by the number of applicants given Invitation to Apply for Permanent Resident, it is a clear indication that Canada is on its way to welcoming one million immigrants by the end of 2021.

January, 2019 saw the Government of Canada and provinces transverse the country open the door to more than 40,000 potential applicants by virtue of the economic immigration and family sponsorship programs. The economic immigration and family sponsorship are essential factors for the new three year immigration levels plan of Canada and it has a target of 331,000 new permanent residents for 2019.

It is projected that this number will likely to 341,000 in 2020 and 350,000 by 2021. This immigration plan is vital maintain the persistent growth of the labor force and economy Canada in the years ahead.

Immigrants and job seekers should endeavor to prepare for Canada job interview by projecting confidence as much as they can during the interview. A standard Canada job interview will consist of a series of questions, test or sections of the interview that is explicit to your profession.

Canada Job Interview

Possible Questions You Will Be Asked In Canada Job Interview

Job interview questions will normally cut across three major areas which includes: Skills-based questions, Behavioral questions and Situation questions. Canadian immigrants going for their first job interview must endeavor to be confident.

  • Skills-based questions

This question will bother on your technical ability precisely connected to the job to demonstrate your soft skills ability.

An example of a technical skilled question would be: “Have you ever used Microsoft office products in a professional situation, such as Microsoft Word?” Your answer must demonstrate your ability to satisfy the job requirement.

  • Behavioral questions

The purpose of this question is to obtain a sense of your experience dealing with certain situations or set of clients or customers as well as your general attitude.

For instance: “Have you ever made a mistake at work?”

Your response should delineate the situation you were facing, and then spot the chore, state the steps you took and the outcome or results.

  • Situational questions

These are usually imaginary questions that require smart thinking and response. For instance: “if there is a conflict between your opinion and that of your immediate supervisor, how will you handle the situation?”

In other to be successful in a Canada job interview, you must ensure that you properly preparing for the interview. Try to be conversant with the technicalities of the job sought and with the inclination and spirit of the company.

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