How to Get a Canada Job for Migration

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Working in Canada is the dream of most immigrants. Working legitimately in Canada is one of the best decisions an immigrant desirous to relocate to Canada can do. Canada job are readily available for job seekers but they are readily available for persons who can legally work in Canada. Find out from our previous article: Job Opportunities in Canada and How to Obtain Temporary Work Permit. Following the details contained therein may be the beginning of your part to starting a new life in Canada.

How to Apply for Canada Job

  1. Prepare a Good Resume or ‘CV’

You must ensure that your resume is properly drafted before sending them out to employers, defectively or scanty resumes can obstruct your chances. Your resume must not be multi-purpose; it should have a nexus with the vacancy advertised.

  1. Be Discerning in your job search:

Do send the same CV to 50 Companies. Be specific and precise as what job you really want. Networking, associating and informational job search are much more efficient ways to distribute your resume.

  1. Be Enthusiastic

Ensure that you have a contact with the Company and follow up as soon as you can, after submitting your resume for possible feedbacks.

  1. Obtain well-built Endorsement

Strong referees will make it easier for you to find jobs in Canada. Obtaining well-built or strong employment references from your home country and make them handy will enhance your chances especially if the role is relevant to your previous job.

  1. The Use of On-line Tools

Take advantage of the power of LinkedIn. It is a fast-growing social media tool, to flaunt job searchers resume online and network as recruiters and employers make use of the tool daily to source for employees.

  1. Employees Network

You need an effective network to gain useful insight and crucial contacts, both socially and professionally. Make inquiries about networking events for your profession, ask find out how best to meet more people in your field.

  1. Get accredited

Many professions in Canada require your foreign qualifications to be accredited or certified by relevant authorities in Canada. You must ensure that you apply for the certification even from your home country. Professions such as teaching, nursing, and social work etc usually require additional accreditation. The process of accreditation can take you up to six months.

Canada Job


Canada Job Opportunities Available:

  1. Sorter – Recyclable Materials
  2. Factory Helper
  3. Labourer, Factory – Manufacturing
  4. Maintenance Mechanic
  5. General Labourer, Assembly Line


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