How to Become a Canada Registered Nurse

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Nursing is an extremely in-demand occupation in Canada. The process of becoming a Canada registered nurse differs depending on the province or territory in which you intend to work.

Canadian citizen will need to obtain a nursing degree and satisfy the testing and registration requirements for your region. Registered nurses trained internationally are also allowed to work in Canada and the work offers options for both temporary and permanent residency.

How to Become a Canada Registered Nurse

  1. Obtain a Bachelors Degree in Nursing: nearly all provincial and territorial Nurses’ Associations in Canada call for prospective nurses to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You must endeavor to choose the province or territory and identify their Nurses Association or Regulatory body for approved list of nursing schools and programs.
  2. Complete a Diploma of Collegial Studies program: this option is available to persons who live in Quebec.Quebec does not require a university degree in nursing, however, requires that you complete at least a three year Diploma of Collegial Studies program in nursing. That is not to say that persons who obtain a university degree of a three year Bachelor of Science (BAC) degree in nursing are not accepted as well.
  1. Program that fits your needs: Some conventional students, who already set their heart on what they want, may also obtain a full time four year bachelors degree program in nursing. Non-convention students or a continuing learner may enroll for a distance education program, part-time program, or accelerated degree program in nursing that is suitable to your schedule and plans.

 Canada Registered Nurse

  1. Satisfy your Program’s Admission Requirements:Requirements for admission into a nursing degree program may also vary between regions and individual schools. Confirm with the nursing department at your prospective college or university to find out the requirements to qualify for the nursing program. For instance, you may need to pass a certain number of preliminary courses in germane subjects such as chemistry, mathematics, and biology.
  1. Explore your Financial Aid Options:The cost of tuition fees for a nursing education may seem frightening; nevertheless, there are multiplicities of financial aid or support options available. Verify with your prospective college or university to find out what scholarships or other funding programs they have in place for nursing students. You may also qualify for loans, grants, or government tuition support.
  1. Complete the Required Coursework and Training for your Region:Before you can obtain your Degree or Diploma depending on your region, province or territory, you may need to complete a certain number of hours of coursework and practical training in various aspects of nursing. Until this is complete you may not be able to graduate from the institution.

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