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Pursuing your dream job and building a career in Canada is not a mirage if you are determined. The under-listed are Canada top paying jobs and their average salary.

Canada is aggressively seeking foreign workers and professionals to help grow its strong national workforce. On our website, you will find the most recent information on working in Canada as it pertains to all class of persons.

The most common jobs in Canada are retail, salespersons, retail and wholesale managers, administrative assistants, food counter attendants/kitchen helpers, and cashiers

For foreign workers and employers of foreign workers, it is essential that they follow appropriate channels before they commence employer/employee relationship whether temporary employment or permanent in Canada.


Canada Top Paying Jobs

  1. Financial Analysts – Average Salary: $58,000
  2. Hyrdo-power Experts – Average Salary: $60,000
  3. Logistic Workers / Managers – Average Salary: $64,000
  4. Engineers – Average Salary: $65,000
  5. Information Security Analysts – Average Salary: $66,000
  6. Registered Nurses – Average Salary: $66,000
  7. Miners / Oil & Gas Drillers – Average Salary: $69,000
  8. Lawyers – Average Salary: $76,000
  9. Dentists – Average Salary: $104,000
  10. Physicians / Doctors – Average Salary: $116,000


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