Seven Steps to Obtain Canadian Citizenship

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Your dream of obtaining Canadian citizenship is not an impossible feat. Finding out the process or procedure is the solution to procrastination. After you have become a Permanent Resident through Express Entry for three years within the past five years amongst other requirements, you may apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Requirements to obtain Canadian Citizenship

Find out how you can enhance your Canadian Citizenship with these seven tips:

• Legitimate Employment

A job offer can facilitate your appearance to be a great aspirant for Canadian citizenship. You instantly begin to seem more viable as a candidate if you have a legitimate Canadian job offer.

Your job will indicate that you have found your feet and established roots in the country; this is also against the backdrop that the working population of a nation presumed to be the taxpayers of that nation.
Canadian immigration authorities will likely look positively on the application of an employed resident for the reason that you demonstrate a clear intent to work and add to the country.

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Canadian Citizenship

• Keep Yourself abreast with Updates on Immigration News

Keep yourself abreast with the dynamics of Canadian immigration policies. For instance:
o C-6 Bill introduced in 2017 facilitated the reduction of the residency period or amount of time required to stay in Canada to apply for Canadian citizenship.

o C-6 Bill also increased the dependent age of children to 22, making it easier for your older children to immigrate with you.

An applicant who is not up updated or informed may be working with obsolete details, and that could affect your results or expectation.

• Know Canadian History

Citizenship tests are usually conducted while going through the Canadian Citizen Application process to verify how well you know Canada. Questions are typically put out to applicants on Canadian history; your knowledge of Canadian history can enhance your application for Canadian citizenship.

Note that applicants who are below 18 years or above the age of 54 are exempted from the citizenship exam.
Applicants are advised to attend classes to improve on their knowledge of Canadian history, Institutions, Symbols, Values and you, Citizenship Rights before taking the exam.

Note also that an applicant is allowed to take the exam more than once in cases of failure after same has been rescheduled. An applicant who fails the test more than three times will be allowed to undergo an oral interview a citizenship officer to replace the written test.

Examples of questions that may be asked in the exams include:

1. Who founded Canada?
2. What is equality in Canada?
3. Who are the Inuit;
4. Can you question the Canadian police about their services and conduct
5. List the documents contained in the rights and freedoms of Canada;
6. Who can vote in Canada;
7. Identify a National Symbol by name
These questions are not exhaustive of what to expect. Contact us for test guide on

• Language Skills Count

Ability or proficiency of an applicant to communicate in either English or French forms a basis to rate your Canadian citizenship application.

Applicants below the age of 18 or above the age of 54 are also exempted for demonstrating language abilities. Candidates who studied in Canada at a high school or university level are also exempted from the language exams by virtue of the certificates, diploma or degree awarded

Canadian Citizenship

Approve language proficiency test includes:

1. Government-funded language program to ensure that you score at least a 4 on either the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) or NCLC (Niveaux de Compétence Linguistique Canadiens; or

2. Approved language exams, such as the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program General Test or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) General

3. French exams such as:

a. Test d’Évaluation de Français (TEF);
b. Test d’Évaluation du Français adapté au Québec; or
c. TEF pour la naturalisation

Note that you must strive to aim for around a 6.5 on the CLB for most of the four categories of the exam to enhance your Canadian citizenship application.

• Live in Canada for Three Years to Complete your residency to be a Canadian Citizen

Proof of residency is a significant requirement to be a Canadian Citizen; this requires an applicant must have lived at least three out of five years in Canada as a resident.

Note: That Permanent residence will not count under the following conditions: international Student, Tourist, Temporary Permit Holder, Protected Person; or while serving an imprisonment time in a Canadian prison.
The law requires you to have spent at least 1095 days within the past five years inside Canada.

• Update your Tax Filing Records with Canadian Revenue Services

Candidates must update their tax records by filing outstanding returns. Government all over the world usually frowns as tax evasion. To improve the success of your application for Canadian citizenship, you must ensure that your tax records are in order.

Officials of CRS (Canadian Revenue Services) may occasionally visit you to verify your tax records, nevertheless, if you are desirious to becoming a Canadian Citizen, update your tax file is germane to demonstrate that you have met all your tax obligations in the period you have lived in Canada.

Tax record verification is one of the significant procedure conducted by immigration officials, and it will be a major determinant of the success or otherwise of your application, this is to ensure that you do not have any outstanding tax liability standing against you while applying to become a Citizen of Canada.

  • Keep a Crime-Free Record

Canada is one of the most peaceful and safe countries in the world as accessed by the GPI (Global Peace Index), and this is because of their zero tolerance for crime rate. Persons with a past criminal record of simple offenses such as refusal to pay speeding tickets or missing the payment of alimony or misdemeanor are not even allowed access into Canada on a temporary visit not to consider granting them permanent residence status or citizenship.

Persons who are restricted from applying for Canadian Citizenship include:

a. Have previously misrepresented facts in an immigration case;
b. Undergoing removal proceedings or being removed by Canada;
c. Have committed crimes against humanity;
d. Have committed immigration fraud;
e. Are on criminal trial
f. Are deemed a threat to the internal security of Canada as a nation;
g. Are involved in an investigation; or

Immigration officials may demand your fingerprints or Court proceedings documents to prove that you do not have a past criminal record or have been convicted of a crime anywhere in the world.
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