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There may not be a hard or fast rule in drafting an invitation letter; however, it is essential for a Canada Visa Invitation Letter to contain relevant information persuasive enough to convince the consulate that the purpose of your visit to Canada is unavoidably necessary and that you will return to your home country after your stay.

The sample below is a full written letter meant to will serve as a guide or an example with blank spaces where personal information should be inserted. Note that in the sample below the person inviting the applicant is referred to as “Inviting Person,” while on the other hand the person being invited is referred to as “Applicant” in the sample below. This sample letter may be used by any person and for any event in as much as the relationship is precise and the requirements are fulfilled.

Canada Visa Invitation Letter


A sample of Canada Visa Invitation Letter

Name of Place of residence in Canada, Date

To the Canadian Embassy in (Country Name)

(Embassy Address)

(Embassy Phone Number)


Subject: Invitation Letter for Mr./Mrs. Dr./Miss (Applicant’s Name)

Dear Sir,

My name is (name of Inviting Person’s Name), I was born on (date of birth), and I live in (address in Canada). I am an (immigration status in Canada – citizen or permanent resident), and My household has (number of people living in the family), and I work with (job title, company, and location), earning (monthly or annual salary).

By this letter, I am inviting (Applicant’s Name), who was born on (date of birth) and currently resides in (Applicant’s address in Foreign Country outside Canada) to Canada for a short stay. (Name of Applicant) intends to stay in (location and address in Canada such as a hotel, residence or inviting person’s house) from (date of entry) until (date of departure). I am the (Name of Applicant, (insert nature of relationship such as brother, sister, cousin, in-law, friend, fiance etc.), will be visiting and touring round Canada with me for (number of days or months) in several locations and holiday site.

(Name of Applicant) is currently employed (enter job title and location), earning (monthly or annual salary) with which can afford to fund the financial cost of their stay in Canada. (Name of Applicant) is a legitimate visitor who will not overstay the duration of their visa. The Applicant is gainfully employed and their work obligations in (Name of foreign country) is highly demanding as he will be back to work as soon as they return from Canada.

Please see attached a certified copy of my (Document proving status in Canada such as passport, birth certificate, or Permanent Resident card) and my bank statement or report for the past six months.

You may contact me if you have any further questions or inquiry regarding myself or (Applicant’s Name).

I look forward to having (Applicant’s Name) visit me in Canada so we can spend time together and tour Canada.

Kind regards,



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