Canadian Visa Programs and Open Work Permit

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Open Work Permit are permits issued by the Canadian Immigration Office to immigrants who wish to work for ANY employer under several Canadian Visa Programs for a certain or specific period of time. Migration to Canada is a very possible feat if you are able to discover the visa or immigration program that best suits you.

Canadian Visa Programs

There are two subcategories for Open Work Permits (OWP) which are: Unrestricted and Restricted Permit.

Open Work Permit is used by several Canadian Visa Programs

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Working Holiday Visa;
  • Young Professionals Visa;
  • International Experience Canada;
  • International Co-Op Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program;
  • Provincial Nominee Program; and
  • Canadian Experience Class;

Types of Open Work Permit

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal Permit;
  • Temporary Work Permits for Spouses or Partners;
  • Post Graduation Work Permit;
  • Temporary Resident Permit;
  • World Youth Program Permit;
  • Birding Open Work Permit, and
  • Regular Open Work Permit;

Read are previous article on How to apply for Canadian Work Permit if you want to app,y now.

Bridging Open Work Permit

Bridging openwork permit is a unique work permit that allows you work in Canada while you wait for your permanent resident application results. You will ordinarily qualify for this specific permit if you have applied for permanent residence program.

Work Permit and LMIA

Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) based work permits require an employer to obtain a Labor Market Impact Assessment before your employment can be valid for immigration purposes.

There are LMIA Exemptions, which in certain circumstances allow for immigrants to work in Canada without first obtaining the LMIA.

How to Get a Job in Canada

  • Inquire if you need a work permit
  • Obtain a work permit
  • Extend your work permit (if expired)
  • Attend job fairs conducted outside Canada
  • Get your credentials assessed (if obtained outside Canada)
  • Get hired through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

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