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New York Law School is an American Bar Association accredited private law school. It was established in 1891 in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York City. New York Law School (NYLS) NYLS is characterized by a full-time day program, a part-time evening program, and a two year accelerated Juris Doctor J.D. honors program. J.D. is a law degree which ordinarily takes three years to achieve in a regular institution, and it is a condition precedent required for making the bar exams to become a licensed attorney in most jurisdictions.

Make the Right Choice

The American Bar Association have disclosed that approximately 88.2% of the NYLS class of 2015 had obtained employment ten months following graduation, and 69% of the 2015 class had secured long-term, full-time J.D. essentials or Pro J.D employment. New York Law School has been a principal institution in providing pioneering legal education for over 125 years, and it is administered by a world-class faculty, in one of the world’s most prominent city.

If you are considering attending the NYLS to obtain a legal education, your decision stands as one of the most quality steps you may have taken in your lifetime. For clarity on admission requirements and tuition fees, kindly visit the official website of NYLS:


New York Law School

The nobility of a law degree is unarguably true in recent times as history indicates that it is the most valuable professional degree available to humanity today. The study of law provides an extraordinary array of knowledge and skills to decipher or translate the ever increasing and evolving complexities of human activities in the 21st Century of diverse commercial activities in business, politics, telecommunication, internet services, and technology.

The legal profession in recent times is becoming accustomed to the adjustments and formations of a revolutionized marketplace; the academic exercise of the New York Law School is at the forefront of the twists and challenges it posits; it and offers a clear framework for students to emerge as the new global leaders of the profession.
The New York Law School outline focuses on relevant areas of emerging challenges such as employment and financial services, government and public concerns, media, intellectual property, budding technology and the enlargement of local and global economies.

The location of New York Law School in the heart of New York City (The Great Apple) is major leverage to enhance the learning experience of students especially as it is host to legal, financial, government and tech giants. The strategic nature of New York City and the location of New York Law School where it all happens and matters globally offers every student the opportunity to acquire pragmatic or real-world legal experience and connections needed to compete in the job marketplace.

The success of New York Law School academic program is based on a formidable, engaged, and influential school community poised with the elegance of a faculty of renowned legal luminaries, scholars, and practitioners who are relentlessly and exhaustively given to classroom interior and exterior student learning.

The NYLS is known for offering commendable scholarships, premier advocacy programs to aid easy access to justice, to shape the legal and public policy discuss, to influence parliamentary enactments, courts decisions, and business activities.

NYLS has a student body established with a focal point of developing the knowledge, ability, and professional worth of individual student needed to create a standard career path.
Before making a choice of Law School, endeavor to visit NYLS campus and discover the distinguishing features and the amazing education it offers. You can also consider speaking to NYLS expert faculty or practically spending time with the stirring students, whose number currently stands at 900 J.D. students and 35 advanced degree students. Your personal visit to NYLS and interaction with the students will undoubtedly spur you to make a life-changing decision that will usher you into a perpetual opportunity to achieve your goals you,

New York Law School

New York Law School Faculty Members

Distinguished members of NYLS faculty includes:
Edward A. Purcell Jr., he is an influence on the history of the Supreme Court of the United States, and
Nadine Strossen, Constitutional Law Expert and President of the American Civil Liberties Union from 1991 to 2008.

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