New York Residential Lease Agreement Standard Template

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New York Residential Lease Agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant stating the terms and conditions of lease or tenancy. It is a written documentation of all the relevant details agreed between the landlord and tenant in respect of the tenancy. It is a legal document designed pursuant to rules, regulations and New York state laws that will protect both the landlord and the tenant specifically if the rental is located in the State of New York. You may read our previous article of Tenancy Agreement Sample.

A lease agreement for rental located in New York State will require special appendix, post script or addendum in compliance with the state law, away from the basic rental amount and other responsibilities.

It is the responsibility of Tenants to carefully read the terms and conditions contained in the New York Lease Agreement before signing, as a court will not re-write an agreement for parties. This goes to mean that a court will be bound by the provisions of a duly executed lease agreement where there is a need for enforcement or interpretation of same.

You may download a template for New York Residential Lease Agreement below:

New York Residential Lease Agreement Word Editable File


Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Requirement for New York Residential Lease Agreement:

New York Residential Lease Agreement

The New York State Law requires a landlord of a premises to make disclosures to a tenant if the premises were constructed prior to 1978, and in return the Tenant will acknowledge receipt of the form as provided in the body of the New York Residential Lease Agreement. The said form shall be entitled “LEAD-BASED PAINT DISCLOSURE” from the landlord which will contain disclosure of information on lead-based paint and/or lead-based paint hazards in the premises.

You may download Lead-Based Paint Disclosure form below:

Lead-Base Paint Disclosure Form Word Editable File

New York Tenancy Law

There are many legislation and regulations that control the relationship between a landlord and a tenant which they ought to know, especially the fundamental laws. Knowledge of theses legislation will enable landlords and tenants deal with matters before deciding whether or not to consult an attorney. The most important thing is to know and understand the essentials of the Tenancy Law or the State Law of their place of residence. This article places on New York Tenancy Law and other regulations applicable in the New York State, and the aim is to guide residents on all legal necessaries. You may read our previous post on New York Tenancy Law.


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