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The World Economic Forum rated Canada as the second-best country globally. It follows Germany as the best country in the world. Canada is an immigration friendly country, and it is generally believed that most migrants consider to relocate to Canada.

relocate to Canada

Why Most People Relocate to Canada

The World Economic Forum rankings are based on the following dynamics:

1. Safety
The foremost considerations to determine a place to reside in the safety of the city. Canada is the second biggest country in the world with 20.6% of her population made up of foreigners. Canada has the highest immigrant rate per capita worldwide.

Crime rates across the cities of Canada continue to be low. The lifestyle is calm and peaceful for all Canadians and immigrants.

2. Political stability
The Canadian economy is the eleventh largest in the world. It has one of the most stable economies globally, and it is closely linked to the United States economy. Canada is a member to both the Group of 7 (G-7) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation. It runs a parliamentary democracy as its political system.

3. Affordability
Life in Canada is affordable compared to other great cities and nations of the world. Statistics from numbeo indicates that in most goods and services, Canada seemed to be cheaper than the United States. Nevertheless, there are expensive cities in Canada, for example, housing in Vancouver and Toronto are costly compared to other Canadian cities

4. Job market
The job market in Canada is quite comparable to other developed countries. The bulk of jobs are found in the service sector as well as natural resources and manufacturing. The economic growth of Canada revolves around four major cities which are: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary.

Unemployment rates stay low even in smaller cities. English abilities are essential for a well paid professional occupation. It will be an added advantage to have excellent knowledge of French as English-French bilinguals are much in demand, with many companies doing business in both English and French-speaking territories of Canada.

5. Family-friendliness
Another reason to relocate to Canada is the family-friendly nature of most it’s cities. Most of the towns are bestowed with quality healthcare, good schools, low crime rate, low unemployment rates, affordable housing, performing arts and cultural institutions, good air quality, outdoor recreation, and diversity.

Canadian Family have held Quebec City to take number one position as family-friendly city due to low child injury hospitalization rates in the nation and has the best childcare funding. Quebec also has sundry restaurants, museums, and performing arts centers; other family-friendly cities include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Calgary, and Gatineau.

6. Healthcare
Healthcare in Canada is made available through a structure called “Medicare,” publicly funded and provided free at most points of use. The Canada Health Act of 1984 regulates the delivery of Medicare.

Citizens of Canadian and permanent residents can apply for public health insurance. The Coverage is to exclude them from paying for health care services in public health care facilities, hospitals, dispensaries or medical clinics.

All the territories and provinces of Canada provide free emergency medical services even when you don’t have government health care, though there may be some restrictions, depending on your immigration status.

Most people relocate to Canada because of its first-rate health care system which is arguably said to be better-quality to that of the United States.

7. School Systems
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has held Canada as a world leader in education. Immigrant students achieve outstanding grades despite the socio-economic differences. Scholarships, grants, and other funding opportunities are also made available to students.


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