Features of a Valid Canada Visa: What You Should Know

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Most people desirous of traveling have never seen a valid visa physically. A valid Canada Visa fixed on the International Passport of an applicant must have certain features and details.

What a Valid Canadian Visa look like

A Canadian visa is a stamp or sticker on the International Passport of a visa applicant and has a distinctive appearance. It may not include a picture, but must state the following vital information:

  • The place of issuance of visa;
  • Date of issuance and expiration;
  • Number of entries allowed (multiple or single);
  • Document number;
  • Visa category;
  • Visa type;
  • The visa holder’s last, first name, date of birth;
  • Passport number

The below examples illustrate four types of how valid Canada visa look like.

Immigrant Visa

Valid Canada Visa

Employment Visa

Valid Canada Visa

Visitor Visa


Valid Canada Visa

Student Visa

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